Thomas Nyiri

Our media consulting group is led by Mr. Thomas Nyiri, a pioneer in the creation and enhancement of media asset values through the application of advanced technologies. Mr. Nyiri has created substantial results in both the private and public business sectors in the media and entertainment industries, pioneering advanced consumer content management and delivery systems for IP, telecommunications and broadcast television clients.

Mr. Nyiri currently has expanded the media consulting practices services beyond entertainment to include all forms of digital assets, unlocking the value of these assets for customers through the application of technology. View Tom Nyiri's LinkedIn profileView Tom Nyiri's profile

Dean Church

Our financial services group is led by Mr. Dean Church, a leader in multi-strategy hedge fund, fund-of-funds and portfolio managers. He offers deep experience in a broad range of operations, IT and business process consulting. front-, mid- and back-office systems integration and custom tool development. With expertise in the development of business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Mr. Church also provides compliance technology planning for regulatory agencies (SEC, NASD, and FSA). Currently Mr. Church’s teams support the technical and systems requirements for over 40 billion dollars of managed assets. View Dean Church's LinkedIn profileView Dean Church's profile

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